Monitoring the School Board

Here's an update from the Leader of the School Board Action Committee for the Manatee Patriots:

Friends, there is a lot going on with our schools right now. Some crazy thing seems to be popping up every few hours. Here are the highlights, or should I say lowlights from this week:

- Manatee County School puts out rules around LGBT students, including what sounds like a student can use a locker room based on how they identify, so boys can go into girls bathrooms? See it

- Mary Foreman put out an agenda item for next week’s board meeting to prevent public comment from being broadcast, but quickly reversed in response to calls, emails and FB messages.

- Teacher’s Union puts out an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), providing for time-off to encourage teachers to get vaccinated. Also demanding that visitors to the school masks or show proof of vaccination. See it

- Some good news. FLDOE had an emergency meeting Friday morning to provide families the opportunity to use HOPE funds to move to another school if child is bullied in any way regarding COVID. It seems to allow is tax dollars follow the student if they need to choose a different school, including private.

- Choates is appointed to the school board. He has said he is against mask and vaccine mandates, and we'll wait to see what other postions he holds as he votes.

- An “emergency” school board meeting has been scheduled for Monday, Aug 9, at 10 regarding back to school mask policies. Here is a letter someone sent to board members in response to the rumor that the Board intends to try to create some sort of "opt out" solution. Read and personalize if you'd like to write to the board: (Copy and paste into the "To" field:,,,