Vocal Locals

We're a group of Vocal Locals from Manatee County, FL, united in our fight to preserve our liberties and keep our government accountable.


You were just a regular American, minding your own business and enjoying your life. Then Covid hit and everything changed.

What the hell happened?

The government ordered businesses, schools, and beaches to close. The government said it was too dangerous to leave your house unless you went to a box store they said was "safe." They told you to stay away from your family, your friends, your church, and your gym. They said you couldn't get within six feet of another person.

Then they said you have to cover your face, and labeled you selfish if you didn't comply. They've said they need to test you, track you, and trace your contacts.

You're pissed. You know Covid has a nearly 100% recovery rate. And yet the government is still trying to crush you, to make you submit--all while telling you it's "for your safety."

The government has gone rogue ...
and it's time we stop it

I know. I know. You don't want to get involved! You just want this mess to go away. You want to get back to your old life.

But that life is over. It's the past. We're building a future. Everyday, how we respond to the Covid plandemic (which is a trojan horse to tyranny) determines if we will rebuild a stronger America or irrevesibly destroy the country we love.

We have a country to save.
And you are either HELPING or HARMING the progress.


Vocal Locals brings people like you together. People who understand what's happening, and who aren't willing to comply.

We started when a few of us showed up at a local Manatee County commissioners' meeting after those power-drunk politicians placed a curfew on free people and then told us to cover our faces in public.

Who do they think they are?


Send emails and letters to your elected reps

Call the commissioners, Governor, and other elected reps

SHOW UP at commissioner and School Board meetings

Nobody is coming to save you.
Run for office. BE the change.

Citizens Holding Manatee County Accountable

Manatee Patriots

Defend Florida

Washington is overreaching. Florida and its great citizens, as well as the 49 other states in our union, are facing immediate dangers from the Federal Government through national mandates and threats to state's sovereign rights under the constitution. Vocal Locals represents Manatee County's citizen-driven approach to build, uphold, and strengthen a legislative firewall to mitigate Washington's overreach. Get involved.

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