Garin Hoover for Manatee County School Board

Appoint Garin Hoover

Why Garin Hoover is the best candidate for the Manatee County School Board (D4)

  1. Garin is a Republican, but even more important, Garin is a Constituional Conservative. Garin recognizes the responsibility to govern without restricting personal liberties through mandates. He agrees with Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran's call for schools to move to a "masks optional" policy.

  2. Garin is uncompromising in his integrity and committed to his responsibilities. His appointment (and eventual run in 2022) will improve Manatee Schools, because he will:

    • Represent principled, constitutional values on the school board

    • Respect parents' rights to determine the health decisions of their kids (no mandated masks)

    • Resist the progressive curriculum undermining American values

    • Oppose millage taxes

    • Stand up to establishment politics and district mismanagement

  3. Garin has participated in school board matters for over 4 years. He understands the people, the problems, and the potential. He volunteers an extraordinary amount of time in meetings, workshops, and advisory boards.

  4. As an attorney, Garin brings a unique skill set to the board: constitutional knowledge, persuasive counsel, and clarity.

  5. With a degree in Business Adminstration with a focus on finance, Garin understands how money works. With Garin, we’ll have a balanced budget while getting more done.

  6. Garin has the support of Manatee County Conservatives, including Vocal Locals, Defend Florida, the Tea Party Manatee, Community Patriots Manatee, and the Liberty Caucus in Manatee.